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Refugee returnee sells in her market.


HUMANITE Peace Collective
1705 Deepwoods Trail
Leander, TX 78641

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"Losing our house was the end of the world until you showed up and gave us a place to call home again. Thank you from all our heart!"

Abdul Hamid sits in a park with his family, displaced by the earthquake. Syira, February 2023

Abdul Hamid

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Survivor| 2023

“HUMANITE has been critical with access, supplies, doctors, & nurses to protect demonstrators across Iran."

Hengaw Human Rights - Iran

Iran 2023

"You took care of me like I was your own son. I will never forget it."

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Sameer D.

Graduate | Prisoner of War| Australia, 2022

"They used to call us refugees. Now, because of you, they call us The Soapmakers."

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Faris E.

Soapmaker | Yezidi Refugee | Kurdistan, 2022

"My life will never be the same."

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Khadeeja I.

Artisan | Syrian Refugee | Kurdistan, 2022

"Your work was the best! I'm so grateful for you!"


Haji Waad

Cheesemaker |Displaced Iraqi | Mosul, 2022

"Without you, we wouldn't have been able to restore stability to the provinces."

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Sameer A.

Prime Minister's Office, Iraq | Baghdad, 2022

"Your love has made a difference in many Lebanese lives!"

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Hassan Y.

Student | Beirut, 2022

"You have been true friends and saved many from poverty."


Jamila H.

Artisan | Syrian Refugee |Germany, 2022

"You can trust this team. They show up for you when times are bad and help you reach your success."

Testimonial Headshot

Firas K.

Welder | Displaced Iraqi | Nineveh, 2022

"Thank you for your sincerity, diligent work, and strenuous efforts."

Testimonial Headshot

Dr. Zulfiqar J.

Mayor, Al-Rumaitha Municipality, Iraq | 2022

"This team kept a lot of people from death. We named our baby after them. What more can I say?"

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Sozan K.

Soapmaker | Yezidi Refugee | Sinjar, 2022

I love this team because they cared for us, as women, more than anyone else in the camp. If I could, I’d return to work with them!

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Naza M.

Artisan | Syrian Refugee | Canada, 2022

"In the darkest period of our country, you were here to support and give us hope to move forward. We will always be grateful."

Testimonial headshot.

Colette H.

Lawyer | Explosion Survivor| Lebanon, 2022