Ted Haddock, HUMANITE Board member.
Ted Haddock
Independent, Voting

Ted Haddock is a philanthropic entrepreneur who serves as Executive Director for the Edward E. Haddock Jr. Family Foundation. The foundation works to advance restorative relationships between people and planet through human dignity and environmental stewardship.

Mr. Haddock established Common Pictures to engage pressing social issues in a challenging and constructive manner; the Trust Foundation to address natural preservation and endangered species; The Foundation Hub, a collaborative work space for nonprofits in Orlando; Kaley Square, an asset-based community development organization in a distressed community of Orlando; Friends of Tinker Field Foundation promoting Orlando’s civil rights history as a catalyst for community development; and Orlando Together, a multiethnic effort to undermine legacies of racial segregation in the city of Orlando.

Mr. Haddock serves on the board of The Nature Conservancy–Florida Chapter, Institute for Sport and Social Justice, the Human Trafficking Institute, and on the Advisory Board for National Christian Foundation Orlando. Mr. Haddock spent 10 years as Director of Photography for International Justice Mission in Washington, D.C., where he provided a global voice for survivors of human rights abuses and helped brand the organization in its formative years.

Mr. Haddock and his wife Kellie have both contributed significantly to the work of the HUMANITE team for over ten years, from hosting a delegation of Muslim clerics in Washington D.C., to visiting refugee camps in Iraq.

Mr. Haddock and his wife Kellie live in Orlando and are the proud parents of three children.

Ihsan Ibraheem, HUMANITE cofounder.
Ihsan Ibraheem
Independent, Voting

Mr. Ibraheem is a veteran frontline peacemaker who has survived airstrikes, bombings, and sniper attempts as he has served those in need. Ihsan’s analysis and insights have been shared across every major global news outlet.

After growing up in southern Iraq under sanctions, dictatorship, and numerous wars, he began working with the team that would become HUMANITE on the frontlines of the war against ISIS in 2016.

Today, Mr. Ibraheem is the producer for Sesame Workshop in Iraq, leading a nationwide team of creatives and technicians working with the Iraqi Ministry of Education and major humanitarian funders on educational programming to fortify structures and cultures of peace across Iraq. Prior to Sesame, he served as government liaison to the Prime Minister’s Office for Preemptive Love Coalition, senior video producer for the Middle East, and as a motion graphics editor in Iraq’s newsrooms during the US war years.

Mr. Ibraheem is an unpaid founder of HUMANITE.

Mr. Ibraheem lives in Iraq with his wife and two kids.

Jessica Courtney, HUMANITE cofounder.
Jessica Courtney
Independent, Voting

Jessica Courtney is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years humanitarian experience in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon, pioneering community-led initiatives to stop the spread of violence.

Ms. Courtney helped lead the international nonprofit Preemptive Love Coalition for 15 years. As Chief Program Officer, she led a global team across seven countries serving displaced people with both emergency care and long-term solutions to the root causes of violence.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Courtney has started a successful school for migrant children in Iraq; a prominent technical institute for Syrian refugees; multiple artisan business lines that have supported everything from lifesaving heart surgery for children to refugee housing; and a globally recognized charity.

Ms. Courtney is a humanitarian consultant and has had the honor to come alongside amazing local organizations, as well as some of the world's largest organizations, the U.N., and governments on impact design and local grant-making.

Ms. Courtney is an unpaid founder of HUMANITE.

Ms. Courtney has lived in Iraq with her family since 2007.

Mark Reddy, HUMANITE Board member.
Mark Reddy
Independent, Voting

Mark Reddy has spent more than two decades honing his craft of storytelling, implementing vision and leading highly capable teams that help organizations find their voice and emerge as brave brands.

Born in Fiji, Reddy spent most of his life in New Zealand and Australia. Mark has lived the immigrant experience in several countries and understands the cross-cultural, class, and racial divides personally.

Mr. Reddy has worked with global brands, including IBM and Toyota, and brings deep experience in the nonprofit and global humanitarian sector. Prior to his current vice president role at Pinkston, an international strategic communications consultancy, Reddy served as senior vice president of brand and communications at World Relief and executive director of The Justice Conference. Mr. Reddy also serves as the chairperson for Chasing Justice, a movement he co-founded to mobilize people of faith to pursue justice.

Mr. Reddy and his wife have contributed significantly to the work of the HUMANITE team for more than seven years, from networking and platforming live events across Australia and the U.S. to teaching marketing seminars to Syrian refugees in Iraq.

Mr. Reddy lives in Chicago with his wife and daughters.

Headshot photo of Jeremy Courtney, cofounder of HUMANITE.
Jeremy Courtney
Independent, Voting

Jeremy Courtney is a veteran humanitarian professional and serial entrepreneur in charity and social good.

Mr. Courtney led the international nonprofit Preemptive Love Coalition for 15 years as its CEO and has raised over ~$100M for refugees and war survivors.

His second book, Love Anyway, chronicles the background story of the team that would become HUMANITE.

Mr. Courtney contributes frequently to podcasts and events on topics of peacemaking, dreaming, failing, and pursuing a life of purpose in uniting humanity.

Mr. Courtney is an unpaid founder of HUMANITE.

Mr. Courtney has lived in Iraq with his family since 2007.


David Atlan-Zermati

After a storied career in finance spanning 15 years with the French energy company Schlumberger, to his role leading finance for CAABSA Group’s portfolio across Mexico, Mr. Atlan-Zermati met the HUMANITE team during their time together at Preemptive Love Coalition, which he joined as Chief Financial Officer in 2021 to help effect change in the lives of refugees. Today, Mr. Atlan-Zermati enjoys using his financial and strategic leadership skills to help growing nonprofits achieve their highest impact for those in need. Mr. Atlan-Zermati lives in Mexico City with his family.

Testimonial headshot.
Cayce Pack Hamilton

Ms. Hamilton’s career in social impact has taken her to Egypt, Israel, Palestine, and back to the US with UNICEF, IRC, and other nonprofits in a quest to understand the experiences of refugees and war survivors. Ms. Hamilton’s work with HUMANITE’s founders began as a partnership through her role at Amazon, which she left to join their first startup, Preemptive Love Coalition, where she led major gifts until 2022. Today, Ms. Hamilton is a senior manager of social impact at Endeavor (formerly WME | IMG), a global leader in sports, entertainment and fashion in more than 30 countries.

Skip Matheny

Mr. Matheny has 20+ years of digital marketing experience with major artists and brands, including Alicia Keys, the NFL, adidas and Apolis. After a decade in the commercial sphere, Mr. Matheny joined the Preemptive Love Coalition, where he led marketing for five years of tremendous growth for the organization. This is where his work with the team that would become HUMANITE first began. Today, Mr. Matheny leads marketing at PaperChef.

Marwan Shingalî

Mr. Shingalî is an entrepreneur from the city of Sinjar. After losing his fortune during the ISIS uprisings, he and his family became refugees in Syria, before returning to Iraq, where they lived in abandoned buildings and shipping containers for years. It was during this time that he befriended the team that would become HUMANITE. Mr. Shingalî and his wife Gozê were key stakeholders in Preemptive Love Coalition’sprogram, which sold hand-made soap, candles, and other wares by local makers. Today, having rebuilt his business successMr. Shingalî is an advisor for vulnerable and refugee communities.