Board of Directors & Advisors

As a partnership of national offices governed by their own boards, HUMANITE Peace Collective is united under one mission and a common set of core values.
Our Board of Directors comprises experienced and proven entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and governors who help ensure HUMANITE upholds all local and international laws, abides by U.N. conventions, and works to increase the standards of care across our industry for our team, partners, and the communities we serve. The HUMANITE Board meets regularly and is assisted by standing committees and volunteer advisors.
Ted Haddock, HUMANITE Board member.
Ted Haddock
Independent, Voting
Ted Haddock is a philanthropic entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Edward E. Haddock Jr. Family Foundation. Mr. Haddock chairs the HUMANITE Board’s People, Culture, and Governance Committee.
Ihsan Ibraheem, HUMANITE cofounder.
Ihsan Ibraheem
Independent, Voting
Ihsan Ibraheem is a veteran frontline peacemaker who has survived airstrikes, bombings, and sniper attempts as he has served those in need. Today, Mr. Ibraheem is a producer at Sesame Workshop where he and Elmo teach children about peace.
Nancy Giordano
Independent, Voting
Nancy Giordano is an entrepreneur and strategic futurist working to create the more sustainable, inclusive, and dynamic solutions the future demands. Ms. Giordano is author of the bestselling book, “Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger.”
Mark Reddy Headshot
Mark Reddy
Independent, Voting
Mark Reddy brings work with global brands like IBM and Toyota, along with his deep experience in the nonprofit and global humanitarian sector with World Relief, to the HUMANITE Board. Mr. Reddy chairs the Board’s Philanthropy Committee.
Testimonial headshot.
Cayce Hamilton
Advisor, non-voting
Cayce Hamilton is a philanthropic professional with ~15 years of field and fundraising experience with the U.N., International Rescue Committee, and Amazon. Ms. Pack is senior manager of social impact at Endeavor (formerly WME | IMG), a global leader in sports, entertainment and fashion in more than 30 countries.
Skip Matheny
Advisor, non-voting
Skip Matheny has 20+ years of marketing experience with major artists and brands, including Alicia Keys, the NFL, and Adidas. Mr. Matheny leads marketing at PaperChef.
Headshot photo of Jeremy Courtney, cofounder of HUMANITE.
Jeremy Courtney
Jeremy Courtney is a veteran humanitarian professional and serial entrepreneur in charity and social good. Mr. Courtney is the Chief Executive Officer of HUMANITE Peace Collective.