So much to unite us!

HUMANITE helps you connect, learn, and work for peace.

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HUMANITE is best when you join your passion with local peacemakers, refugees, & war survivors like you around the world.

Whether something regular, or a one-off, HUMANITE is your platform for peace.

For 20 years, we've been gathering people for peace. Let us help you bring your world together!

  • An icon of two speech bubbles interacting. HUMANITE clubs aim to be connection points for people from all walks of life to unite.

    CONNECT: Game nights, camping, dinner parties—HUMANITE's your excuse to bring people together.

  • An icon of a HUMANITE crown as a movie projector. HUMANITE clubs aim to be a place of education on the rise and fall of peace around the world.

    LEARN: Over books, movies, and talks, Humanites never stop learning about all we share in common.

  • An icon of a HUMANITE crown as a bullhorn. HUMANITE clubs aim to be a place of organization and action for people in need around the world.

    ACT: Ride, walk, paint, sing, and fundraise—there's a whole world waiting on us to HUMANITE!

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We can set up your team fundraising page, get you group discounts to our shop, and much more.