Core Values

We may not always attain our ideals, but we keep reaching.

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Humanize everyone.

Humanity can be a real bummer. We can really let each other down. But no one is just one thing. We are all capable of being more than we appear to be.

At HUMANITE, we try to humanize and dignify everyone. Even enemies. We don’t think it’s who you are that holds you back, but who you think you’re not. Humanites look for what makes others good, not what makes them bad.

Prioritize locals.

We believe those living in conflict should be making the hard decisions. We believe in local priorities, not foreign agendas. From day one, we built a collective to achieve it. And it’s not just HUMANITE’s rhetoric that’s different. It’s our structure. Our leadership. Our money. Our decision making. Prioritizing locals changes everything.

HUMANITE crooked crown for humanizing everyone.
A graphic of a broken palm tree in need of some growth and repair.

Grow. Challenge. Repair.

There’s no success without failure. That’s why Humanites aim for excellence over perfection. We expect constant growth in ourselves and others. We believe the best ideas should win, not titles or positions. And when we let each other down or even hurt each other, we prioritize repair.

Rise together.

Happiness and opportunity is abundant. We believe there’s plenty to go around and we try to stay away from scarcity thinking and zero-sum outlooks. Yeah, life falls apart sometimes. But tomorrow’s a new day. In the end, no one wins through destruction. And while we’re not responsible for each other’s feelings, our well-being is still connected. Humanites work to build the world where everyone rises… together.

A graphic of a caterpillar, a cocoon, and a monarch butterfly with wings made of HUMANITE crowns all moving forward and rising together.
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Reward effort. Own outcomes.

Every one of us is responsible for the message, the mission, the way we work and relate to each other, the way we live, the money we raise, and the money we spend. Whether we’re here a month or a lifetime, HUMANITE is our house, our name, and our legacy. We don’t blame or deflect. We own our decisions and the outcomes.

Take big risks. Do hard things.

We started HUMANITE to make change. We don’t expect new results trying the same old things. Big risks. Hard things. New wineskins. Incarnation. Bias for action. These guide us as we work every day to stop division and multiply peace, before, during, and after war.

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How Membership Works:

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Your monthly giving provides holistic care, led by locals. Before, during, and after war.
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You become a part of a global collective of local peacemakers and provide help in places you can’t be.
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Meet. Discover. Share. If you want a place to be more than just a donor, HUMANITE is for you.

Join the peace collective!

We all give.
We all gain.
We all rise.

© Ihsan Ibraheem