Local expertise—prized, not penalized.

Where locals are prized.

HUMANITE is a different model.

HUMANITE is a different model.

In a collective, locals keep the keys and you get better results.

Where locals are prized.

HUMANITE is a new model.

In a collective, locals keep the keys and you get better results.

In a collective, locals keep the keys and you get better results.

5 Reasons Donors Invest in Locals Over Foreign Aid:

5 Reasons Donors Invest in Locals Over Foreign Aid

1. Locals are fluent in language & culture

2. Locals have greater access to frontlines

3. Locals stay, when foreigners leave

4. Locals get more impact per dollar

5. Local work is more sustainable

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How the collective works:

Always local.

Holistic care that builds peace.

Members give monthly.

Local orgs join as fellows.

The collective responds as one.

Uniting multiplies impact.

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HUMANITE's collective model is different:

HUMANITE's model makes the difference:


Fellows are admitted to HUMANITE on the vote of their peers across our collective. Fellows help set the collective's programming priorities.

There’s a lot of talk on decolonizing aid. When you join as a donor or fellow, you do it.


HUMANITE distributes a percentage of net revenue to fellows each year, over and above all other forms of funding.

The success of the global collective sustains the success of each local fellow.


Locals shouldn’t go into debt to save lives. Or wait months to be paid back while Western counterparts sit on billions.

HUMANITE keeps our frontlines funded before the crisis, thanks to a generous community of members who give monthly.


Local peacemakers can’t stop violence while living hand-to-mouth.

HUMANITE's members who give monthly ensure fellows have access to year-over-year funding for greater stability to grow local peace.


As refugees and war survivors, we know how important (and rare) it is to receive funding for pay increases, mental health support, or anything else that doesn't fit into a proposal.

HUMANITE's sum is greater than our parts. So, we fund the whole pie. When we strengthen our fellows, all rise.


In 2016, the aid sector promised ~25X funding increase to local orgs. But little has changed.

Billions of dollars are begging to be released into the hands of local experts.

We use our experience winning major grants to help chapters and fellows access these funds.


It’s often assumed non-Western orgs have nothing to add outside their country of origin. But war is rarely defined by borders.

HUMANITE educates, raises money, responds, and upgrades as a collective.

Instead of waiting for a seat at the table, HUMANITE makes global impact together, caring for each other's people, across borders.


While some perks (like funding) may be temporary, the benefits of being in the HUMANITE collective are not.

HUMANITE alumni are encouraged to contribute and benefit in perpetuity. As alumni careers advance across all industries, and our collective efforts continue to be successful, the HUMANITE alumni network becomes even more beneficial and impactful.

We all give. We all receive. We all rise.


Peace is up against more propaganda than ever. The clearest message wins.

And locals are often competing for Western money without the training they need to convey their true skills or vision.

HUMANITE gives professional communication support to help stop the spread of violence.

The HUMANITE Difference


Junior Fellow

Senior Fellow

Platform for Holistic Shared-learnings

Support for Monitoring & Evaluation

Fair Reporting Standards

Free Membership

Voting Rights

Grant-writing Support

Financial Accountability

Board-level Support

Share of HUMANITE Revenue

Global Impact Opportunities

No-strings Funding

Up-front Funding

2-year Commitment

Alumni Membership

Social media badge: “HUMANITE Fellow”

5-year Commitment

Brand & Marketing Support

Streamlined Approval & Reporting Cycles


How does my local organization join HUMANITE as a fellow? 

We typically recruit from our own networks. But if you're looking for a global community that shares the work and rewards together, we would love to know you.
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How does an individual or family best support HUMANITE?

Nothing creates more impact than the dedicated recurring giving of our members.
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