Years of war and terrorism have left 1M+ Iraqis displaced, 95% of whom have had their homes destroyed. With many displaced Iraqis having no home to return to and no resources to start again, our Iraqi neighbors find themselves in a cycle that is not of their making.

Status: Fragile
Displacement, violence, and service shortages still impact 1M+ Iraqis. Your support helps restart jobs and businesses in this fragile, post-war environment to break the deadlock and give communities the power to better determine their own futures.

Crisis Briefing

Today, Iraq is working to reestablish its identity, resisting Iranian influence and major internal divisions that have emerged in the aftermath of the US-led invasion. Major challenges include an ongoing ISIS threat, Iranian militia and political influence, Turkish airstrikes and interventions, and Kurdish aspirations for autonomy. 

Saddam Hussein was overthrown two decades ago. Why is Iraq still in this situation?

More than twenty years since Saddam Hussein's ouster, Iraq is still working to reestablish a new identity. However, internal divisions and external pressures from historical rival Iran and regional power Turkey complicate the path to stability. These complexities have prolonged each humanitarian crisis, with displacement, violence, and inadequate services continuing to affect our friends and neighbors here. Many parts of Iraq are doing relatively well, proving that good governance, local leadership, and international support can make a world of difference. Still, millions of internally displaced Iraqis bear the brunt of the conflict. With a significant number of homes and neighborhoods damaged and destroyed, the need for ongoing support is essential to rebuilding hope and keeping the terrorists and sectarian militia at bay.

We only hear about the politics, if anything. How are the people still affected?

Iraq's struggles are complex. Persistent ISIS threats, Turkish interventions, Kurdish aspirations for autonomy, and divisions within both Kurdish and Arab blocs underscore the complexities that hinder the nation's progress. Displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees alike struggle with joblessness, food insecurity, and limited access to essentials, as they lack homes to return to and resources to meaningfully restart their lives.

How can I make a difference for those in need?

Your support helps us transform lives and alleviate suffering at the family and community level. Internally displaced people, refugees, women, children, the elderly, and those with disabilities face exacerbated challenges due to the conflict and displacement. But your support helps start new jobs and businesses, ensures people have what they need to survive, and brokers cooperative work for peace.

Are people still displaced? How do donations help?

Yes, over a million people are still displaced. Syrian refugees in Iraq are often unable to legally work and support themselves. They face challenges in accessing basic services. While many internally displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees alike struggle with food insecurity and limited access to essentials. Your donation helps start new jobs and businesses so more and more people can stand on their own two feet and rebuild their own futures.

Our Response

How to Help

HUMANITE was born in Iraq. And we spend each day building on our decades-long legacy of filling gaps, stopping violence, and loving our neighbors. Your support fuels our holistic approach to peace, before, during, and after war. When you give, you amplify our local efforts. Here’s an overview of how we work in Iraq:


Rapid delivery of food, medicine, and other essentials to help survive violence and displacement. You’ve delivered tens of millions of meals; a billion liters of clean water; and thousands of lifesaving surgeries across Iraq.

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Job Creation

Start-up grants, restart grants, and new jobs to help communities rebuild after war. You’ve helped thousands of our displaced neighbors establish and reestablish small businesses and jobs to support their return home.

Women's Well-being & Recovery

Trauma support, exercise and movement, and community healing programs. You’ve helped thousands of women on their journey through war with therapy, yoga, and skills-based job programs.

Strengthening Youth & Young Professionals

Boosting access to jobs, fostering entrepreneurialism, and increasing global readiness. In a region where youth unemployment creates a tinder box for terrorism, you’ve helped thousands of students and recent graduates advance their careers and country in spite of war.

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Outreach, education, cooperation, and media to stop division and multiply peace. You’ve created millions of touchpoints across enemy lines that uphold our shared humanity and upend the hateful story that we were born to be divided.

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In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq. Within a few years, terrorism and war defined the Middle East.

Our founders were raised and came of age in the troubles of war—Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria. When two moved from America to help, the group formed, learning to love their neighbors on the frontlines of the world’s most notorious wars.

Today, 20 years after they first began, HUMANITE carries on that legacy, closing the gaps that lead to violence and building the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
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Needs & Numbers

Iraq has experienced its fair share of conflict and war, leaving a lasting impact on our everyday friends and neighbors who did not ask for it. But we’ve proven together over these decades that our collective love still matters. The following are some of the lasting challenges to which we apply our love each day:

Iraqis are still living in displacement.


of IDPs said their homes were destroyed or highly damaged.


Syrian refugees lack food and live in camps.


In other words...

Soap Makers Refugees in Iraq © Ihsan Ibraheem

"This team kept a lot of people from death. We named our baby after them. What more can I say?"

Testimonial Headshot

Sozan K.

Soapmaker | Yezidi Refugee | Sinjar, 2022

Do you realize the difference you can make?

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