Over a decade of civil war and conflict has plunged 90% of Syrians into poverty. Protests and violence reemerge across the country, echoing the start of the civil war in 2011.

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Food and fuel prices spiral out of control, as the Syrian pound has lost 80% of its value. Millions of our Syrian neighbors will benefit greatly from your support.

Crisis Briefing

Syria is engulfed in an unrelenting humanitarian catastrophe that has persisted for over a decade. More than 13 million people have either fled Syria or been displaced within its borders since 2011, making it one of the world's largest displacement crises. 

Why has the crisis continued for over a decade?

Multiple domestic and international stakeholders, driven by varying interests, have complicated the conflict's resolution. It has evolved into a proxy war, with regional and global powers supporting opposing factions. Sectarian divisions, geographic complexities, and a lack of a unified opposition have prevented any decisive military outcomes. The substantial humanitarian crisis generated international attention for a short time, but hasn't resulted in any kind of comprehensive solution.

How are Syrians affected today?

The crisis has deeply impacted Syrians, both inside and outside the country. Millions face unemployment, poverty, and daily struggles for survival. Access to essentials like food, clean water, healthcare, and education is limited, and medical infrastructure has been systematically targeted. International sanctions, on the one hand, and Bashar al-Assad’s internal policies, on the other, have both conspired to curtail the amount of aid that might have otherwise been made available to the Syrian people. Meanwhile, policies in Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq make it difficult for refugees to find work or housing, which creates suffering in those communities and limits any support sent back into Syria from the diaspora. With 90% of the population experiencing poverty, many communities will continue to provide on-ramps to extremism and violence in the absence of real economic solutions.

What was the impact of the earthquake in northern Syria?

In early 2023, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck northern Syria. This seismic event has compounded the already dire humanitarian situation in the region. Northern Syria had already been grappling with the aftermath of more than a decade of civil war, which had left infrastructure in ruins, buildings destroyed, and residents facing challenging conditions. Aid organizations, already stretched beyond capacity before the earthquake, now face even greater challenges in helping those affected make recover and rebuild.

Have needs shifted? What are today’s urgent needs if we’re going to alleviate suffering?

Needs have shifted. The sensational headlines of chemical attacks and ISIS takeovers have given way to widespread poverty and humanitarian needs that are arguably worse than anything seen at the peak of the international community’s interest in the conflict. Urgent needs still include food, water, shelter, medical care, and education. Your support helps HUMANITE continue our impact among displaced Syrians, shattered communities, and those looking for a way through to peace on the other side.

What Role Do Donations Play in Addressing This Crisis?

As international news coverage has shifted, international donations have fallen across the board. But donations are instrumental in helping displaced Syrians rebuild their lives. Your monthly membership or one-time donation helps job creation, rebuilding efforts, essential aid, and community development, so our Syrian friends and neighbors can build the more secure future.

Our Response

How to Help

Since 2016, our team has been actively involved in Syria, providing essentials like food, shelter, and medical care. Your support fuels our holistic approach to peace, before, during, and after war. When you give, you amplify our local efforts for peace. Here’s an overview of how we work in Syria:


Rapid delivery of food, medicine, and other essentials to help survive violence and displacement. You’ve delivered tens of millions of meals and hundreds of thousands of medical consultations across Syria.

Shelter & Rebuilding

Providing safe and comfortable housing for families who lost their houses during the earthquake.

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Job Creation

Start-up grants, restart grants, and new jobs to help communities rebuild after war. You’ve helped hundreds of our displaced Syrian neighbors establish and reestablish small businesses and jobs despite destruction.

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Outreach, education, cooperation, and media initiatives to promote unity and peace in Syria, challenging divisive narratives and fostering connections across communities.You’ve created countless touchpoints across ethnic, religious, and sectarian lines that uphold our shared humanity and upend the hateful story that we were born to be divided.

Food Distribution in Aleppo, Syria | Syria Earthquake Response © HUMANITE


In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq. Within a few years, terrorism and war defined the Middle East.

Our founders were raised and came of age in the troubles of war—Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria. When two moved from America to help, the group formed, learning to love their neighbors on the frontlines of the world’s most notorious wars.

Today, 20 years after they first began, HUMANITE carries on that legacy, closing the gaps that lead to violence and building the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
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Needs & Numbers

The war in Syria has left an enduring impact on our fellow Syrians who did not choose this path. But you’ve repeatedly proven that our collective love still matters. The following are some of the lasting challenges to which we apply our love each day:

people displaced


higher food prices than before the war


loss in the value of the local currency


In other words...

Destroyed Apartment Building in Aleppo, Syria

"Losing our house was the end of the world until you showed up and gave us a place to call home again. Thank you from all our heart!"

Abdul Hamid sits in a park with his family, displaced by the earthquake. Syira, February 2023

Abdul Hamid

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Survivor| 2023

Do you realize the difference you can make?

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And build our future!

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