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Inside Ukraine, the needs remain enormous, with more than 17 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Emergency Notice
The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is dire, more than two years after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. Millions are displaced, living in crowded, unsanitary conditions. Your support helps HUMANITE provide immediate relief and long-term recovery for the people of Ukraine.

Crisis Briefing

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, escalating the eight-year conflict in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. Russia’s invasion has caused widespread death, destruction, and displacement, and left millions of Ukrainians in need of humanitarian assistance.

Where does Ukraine rank in global conflicts today?

The war in Ukraine is one of the most significant global conflicts today, due to its regional and global implications, humanitarian impact, and potential to escalate. Widespread destruction, displacement, and humanitarian needs make Ukraine one of the largest, most complex crises we face. Your support helps HUMANITE work publicly with partners and privately behind closed doors to meet needs and lower tensions until peace prevails.

Is there one region that needs more help than others?

The war in Ukraine has created diverse challenges across different regions. The eastern Donbas region faces intense conflict with daily shelling and displacement, resulting in widespread infrastructure damage and limited access to essentials. The southern coastal region has also experienced displacement, deadly airstrikes, and restricted services. Kyiv, the capital, has experienced a comparatively milder impact, in spite of Russian drone and missile attacks into the second half of 2023. Your support helps HUMANITE bring tailored support to all our Ukrainian neighbors where they need it most.

Who are the most vulnerable groups in Ukraine right now?

Refugees (internally displaced), women, children, the elderly, and those with disabilities are the most in-need right now. These friends face exacerbated challenges due to ongoing bombardment and/or displacement. Your donation helps HUMANITE bring specialized assistance to our neighbors who need it most.

Are civilians being bombed?

The bombardment of civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine has been profound, with countless buildings destroyed or damaged. The resulting displacement has forced millions to flee their homes. Your monthly donation helps HUMANITE meet the urgent housing and long-term recovery needs of normal, everyday people like you.

How bad is the economy because of this?

Air strikes, military occupation, and violent displacement have devastated local economies across Ukraine. Countries lose 41% of their economic output to conflict. But we’re not waiting to see what the long-term impact will be. Your donation supports livelihood opportunities, start-up and re-start grants, and various small-to-midsize income-generating initiatives.

What are HUMANITE’s long-term goals in Ukraine?

We’re working to close the gaps that are caused by (and lead to) violence. We want to live out our values, humanizing everyone and taking big risks for peace. As an organization of refugees and war survivors, we know the end of war is just the beginning. That’s why HUMANITE provides relief and recovery, working for peace through all we do. Your monthly donation gives help fast, and help that lasts, fostering hope and peace for the future.

Our Response

How to Help

When you give, you accelerate HUMANITE's local efforts and holistic approach to peace. Here’s how we’re working in Ukraine:


Rapid delivery of food, medicine, and other vital essentials to help survive violence and displacement.

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Job Creation

Start-up grants, restart grants, and other economic support to help communities rebuild after war.

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Outreach, education, cooperation, and media to stop division and multiply peace.

Ukraine Emergency Help
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In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq. Within a few years, terrorism and war defined the Middle East.

Our founders were raised and came of age in the troubles of war—Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria. When two moved from America to help, the group formed, learning to love their neighbors on the frontlines of the world’s most notorious wars.

Today, 20 years after they first began, HUMANITE carries on that legacy, closing the gaps that lead to violence and building the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
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Needs & Numbers

This is the reality of daily life in Ukraine today, with cities in ruins and lives shattered.
But this is not our first war. And we know what to do.

shells per day launched into Ukraine.


Ukrainians are still displaced due to active violence and the destruction of their cities.


children have been trafficked and held in an apparent genocide to erase Ukrainian identity.


most attacks on health infrastructure ever recorded in a war.

Do you realize the difference you can make?

Yes! I want to work for peace!
I want to humanize everyone;
Alleviate suffering for refugees;
And build our future!

Ways to Give

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